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From living in, visiting, and speaking to the Kumasi community, the Board of the Salih Self Development Center identified a variety of needs of the community. In the spirit of service, we have allowed these needs to define our goals.

These are the goals that the Salih Self Development Center is pursuing through its current projects:

  • To promote the learning of vocational skills
  • To distribute medical supplies and food

According to the CIA World Factbook, 51.84 % of people living in Ghana make less than $2 per day. $2 per day is barely enough money to cover living expenses such as housing, water, and food. However, this amount of money cannot cover desperately needed medicine to combat diseases such as malaria. Government statistics show that malaria is the leading cause of death in children under age five and that 45 percent of all outpatient hospital visits are malaria-related. Among pregnant women, malaria accounts for 14 percent of outpatient hospital visits, 11 percent of admissions and 9 percent of deaths. The Salih Self-Development Center, with your support, seeks to end hunger and provide much needed medicine to those living in the Aboabo district of Kumasi, Ghana.

These are other goals that we recognized as community needs. With the help of our supporters, we hope to have the opportunity to improve the community in the following ways:

  • To provide education for personal hygiene, nutrition and family planning
  • To share information about the proper care of animals for human consumption
  • To cultivate an eco-consciousness for waste management and environmental conservation

As seen in our gallery page, the Aboabo district of Kumasi, Ghana is currently heavily polluted; the community lacks an awareness of the impact of environmental degradation. The Salih Self-Development Center seeks to change this. By encouraging our next generation of leaders to clean and nourish their environment, a better future, free of disease, along with healthier crops can be envisioned, and accomplished.