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 We make a life by what we give.

– Winston Churchill

In order for the Salih Self-Development to continue it’s efforts, donations of money and time are needed from the community. If you are able to give financially, no matter how small, please donate below.

By making a donation to the Salih Self-Development, you are giving hope to many people living in the Aboabo district of Kumasi, Ghana. They will be given many essentials of life such as an education, food, clothing, and a better future.  Help us continue our vision of a Ghana free from poverty and hunger, and rich in education.  Thank you very much for your kind support; You are making a great difference in the lives of many Ghanaians. To learn more about the Salih Self-Development Center, visit our about page, frequently asked questions, and Profiles pages. Thank you. Donations have been and are currently being used to:

  • Build the first Center in Ghana
  • Distribute medical supplies
  • Provide children with soccer jerseys
  • Send 30 sewing machines to the Kumasi

In the future, your donation will help the Salih Self-Development Center expand its good work. Future projects include providing:

  • resources necessary for student instruction
  • a clinical room for consultation
  • a bathroom
  • a storage room for medical supplies, and
  • other necessities needed for distribution

Donations will also be used to pay:

  • the salary of the manager of this center,
  • the educational, and medical services of visiting teachers, doctors and pharmacists.

All donations are tax exempt. Donations are accepted primarily through Paypal, although you can also contact us for other ways to donate. If you choose to donate, you will also have the opportunity to have your donation appear in the sidebar along with your every own custom message.


Donor Recognition Wall