Most of the time when people get the advantage to come to the U.S. and have a good education and a good life, they seem to forget to go back home and help others.

Anyars Salih

Dear friends,

In 2008, I started the Salih Self-Development Center, a 501(C)(3), in order to give the children and families of Kumasi, Ghana more opportunities.

I grew up in the Aboado District of Kumasi and know how difficult for children to achieve their full potential because it is so difficult to obtain vocational skills and education. I was fortunate to receive a scholarship through the One Dream Foundation to come to the United States. I never forgot about conditions of poverty in Kumasi. As I prepare to finish my undergraduate studies at Hood College, I increasingly think about my friends who never had the opportunity for an education. Their perseverance through seemingly insurmountable challenges inspired and continues to inspire our work.

The Center focuses on teaching area children vocational skills, so that they will be able to find jobs and learn self-sufficiency. It also provides for the health care needs of the community and its vulnerable members, especially orphans and the disadvantaged.

I hope that you will join me in providing opportunities for those in need.


Ibrahim (Anyars) Salih